Kentucky Lake Sailors?

We are new to the Sailing community and will have our "new to us" E29 on Kentucky Lake this coming April. We would love to meet up with other folks that sail Kentucky Lake or maybe just passing through while working on completing the Great Circle! Our boat will be at Pebble Isle Marina about halfway down Kentucky Lake. Hope to meet some of you guys soon!

Bart and Cheri!

Kim Schoedel

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Hello and greetings from the State of Washington. I have been watching to see if you received any responses to your post. None there. So thought I would respond anyway just for the heck of it.

Kentucky Lake? Being a born and raised Northwest guy, I have no knowledge of your lake. It would be interesting to share some info on the lakes we sail on as fellow land locked sailers.

My wife and I sail on Lake Pend Oreille in North Idaho. Rather large lake at 44miles long and real deep at about 1200'. We leave our E in it's birth year around at the Marina as the water doesn't freeze in that area because of the depth of the water. You can see a map of the lake on our Yacht club site, we are located a the south end of the lake but get up lake several times each year for adventure purposes. The wind is best towards the south end though and there are a few places that are shallow enough to anchor or tie up at docks provided by the Idaho State Parks.

Well, hope to hear back from you soon.
Big Lake

Well, we won't know where the wind is until we finally get our boat down from OH to TN and get her in the water. The lake is 200 miles long, lock to lock and we will be right in the middle. Since the lake runs North South, hopefully most of the wind will come from the West and we'll always be on a beam reach. The lake is 280,000 acres and after the southern lock goes on down to the gulf of Mexico in Mobile, AL. Lots of coves to overnight in so I think that we will be in heaven. Hopefully, we'll steal some of you west coast sailors and get a few more Ericson's over on Kentucky Lake!!! If not, then we'll happily hold the fort down for the Ericson crew on our lake.

Thanks for replying to my post! Hope to see you on the high seas someday once we get to the full time liveaboard status and start to travel.

Bart and Cheri

Kim Schoedel

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Sounds like a great place to sail. My God! 200 miles is a bunch of lake. There has got to be more than one Ericson on that much water. If not, once you get yours out and about, other envious sailors will want one too.

Keep us posted if you will on your adventures on your new boat. I went out with a sailing buddy this Tuesday. The sun was a shining and the wind was blowin big time. Put a reef in the main and used about 50% of the Genoa. Just about the right sail plan in the steady 15 to 20 knots of apparent wind-gusting to 28 knots. A bit chilly at about 38 degrees but needed my dose of sailing. It had been about a month since my last fix. My wife thinks I'am nuts.