Lake Lanier GA


Ken in Atlanta
Yesterday I moved my E25 to it's new slip and as it turns out there was another Ericson in the slip next to me. It made me wonder if there were more of us Georgians on this board. I'd love to hear from you! Looking forward to meeting my new neighbor this summer.



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Four on Kerr Lake in NC

A 25+, 26, 27, and 32....all at the same marina.

Seems to be good sizes for the larger lakes of the Southeast.



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Ericsons at Port Royale, Lake Lanier Georgia

To Ken,
Based on your description I believe I am the 29 next to you. Its good to be back in the home berth after 2 years of low lake levels and being moved around to keep my boat floating. On another line does anyone know where to purchase new gaaskets for the glass cabin windows. I can't find a reference to the manufacturer anywhere.

sailor Jerry Dodd:egrin: