Lake Peppin- Lake City Marina

Chris Miller

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We were recently in Minn to visit family and took a run up to the Lake City Marina to check out the boats. Lots of Ericsons- several in really nice shape. It was good to see. Any of you have boats there?
And what's with the big J boat? Do they have enough racing on Peppin to justify a boat like that?
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Lake Pepin

Very cool spot-I was there a few times in the last few years-they have a klittle PHRF fleet there-and the sailing is beautiful-unique and quaint locale!
lake city sailin'

I am a son of an owner on Lake Peppin. We have been there since 1985. My dad bought an '84 Ericson 28+. We have had he same slip year after year. Now due to unfortunate circumstances I am the one who does all the mantianance on the boat. In your earching have you found any orall the manuals? I plan on doing a pretty complete refit to her this spring and just wanted to get some more information.

Lake City is a very beautifull area to sail. Watch out for the major wind shifts coming down the coolies. They race a lot of J boats, a sport boats and some S2's