Last Posting in Threads

Sean Engle

Your Friendly Administrator
I was looking for a thread from last year (perhaps?) where someone (Sven? Or someone else?) was asking about getting to the last posting in a thread - and how difficult that carrot was to the left of the number of responses (as a means of getting to the last post).

Jelsoft to the rescue - this most current version upgrade included a new link to the last post in a thread which you have -not- read yet. It is a small blue box, which appears to the left of the thread title (itself in bold, indicating you have not yet read the newest post in that thread). See below....I have indicated this box with a red arrow...




Sean, I think it was someone asking how to find what had already been recently read (or marked as such). The answer to that, as far as I can tell is to use the "last 24 hours" link that pops up in the box that says that you have no unread messages.

Agree about the blue box ... it has been my favorite for a while. If you do mouse-overs you learn all kinds of stuff about the interface that you might not otherwise know.