Leaving EY.o? Stopping Mail & Correspondence

Sean Engle

Your Friendly Administrator
Leaving EY.o? Stopping Email & Correspondence

If you have an existing EY.o Information Exchange account, and want to stop receiving mail from either other users and/or the admin (me) - either for a little while or for good - see below. If you wish to update your email address, please see this thread.

  • Once logged into the Information Exchange...
  • Go to the 'User CP' button at the top of the Information Exchange - see image below...
  • Then go to 'Edit Options' (see image below)...
  • De-select those items as necessary.
  • Save your changes - by hitting 'Save Changes'.

You can also edit your subscriptions to posts and the subsequent instant email notifications on replies (see image below).

Please also feel free to email us here at admin@ericsonyachts.org for assistance.