Lifeline replacement and set up


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I just finished one side of Tototo with 6mm Dyneema.
Very happy with the result!! We use mostly hardware coming from Colligo Marine


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My other option was considering using hand swage fittings which I have done. Every where I read on line appears to be against this which pushed it on the bottom of my options. In order for me to rule this out, I hand swage a small 4' scrap 3/16" cable, 2 left over 5 yr old studs, knew someone with as steel shop that was up for a challenge, small bridge crane and steel plates. We went well over 1,500 lbs and the hand swage connection did not move or show any wear or slip. This was only with 3 hand swages (should have 4) on the 5 year old studs left over from a project.
I know pictures don't really do it's justice of the testing performed as the 1 ton small bridge crane started to creak when we added more steel plates. I think we could have put on another 500 lbs, if we had spare plates.

Seems like it would be more than strong enough for lifelines, considering that the stanchions would most likely bend before lifeline fails.
I thought I share this with you.


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Here is my write-up on my recent synthetic lifeline installation:



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Looks nice.
I ended up changing directions and went with 3/16" bare 1x19 cable and Johnson hardware. Main reason is that I am planning to race more this year and the following, and concern that the rules within the Chesapeake Bay region ma potentially change.