Low RPM under load at full throttle

Kenneth K

1985 32-3, Puget Sound
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Yes, I would try the prop change test. It's the simplest and you need to absolutely eliminate the most likely cause.
Sounds like good advice.

If however, you do get as far as the governor spring, here is another post on the subject. I saved it for future reference after reading it a few years back.



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Short haul this past week.
Had the boat yard mechanic check the following:
-Straight shaft - good
FOF prop installed proper - Good
Motor mounts while under load - they were in good shape, no wobbling and moving no matter what load or rpm
Also note that the bottom had very little growth from the summer and the prop only had a few very tiny barnacles so overall it was a lot better than I thought I was going to see. I dive and clean my prop every 5 weeks.

So I removed the FOF prop and installed my 20 yr 2 blade fixed.
Vibration is gone and although my rpms were not where I would want them to be, they were around 2450 rpm and had about close to 6 kts.
I am optomistic that when I rebuild the fuel injection pump and new injectors, new lift pump and relocate my secondary filter to allow for a little better hose run, and go through my entire exhaust system this winter and clean / replace as needed, I will hopefully get another few hundred rpms.

Eventually Flexofold did respond to my concerns and said it should have worked... but I is clearly the FOF prop. They indicated they will take it back but needs to be in great condition... It's been on my sailboat?... I'll clean it up and send it back to them. See what happens.