M5424 Heat Exchanger


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Aloha Captains...

After reviewing articles about engine overheating...my doesn’t...yet...I’m looking to upgrade my h/ex from the 2” to the 3”.

Have any of you found a need to do this on the Univ. 5424?

S/V Mauka Makai
1980 Ericson 35 MK2

Keith Parcells

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It’s 40 year old, the 3” version is superior, so, yeah, I would change it out.

Search here and you will find several threads about that change. I’ve seen Mr. Cool listed as a supplier In some of those threads.


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My 5424 ran fine in Santa Barbara, CA for 30 years with the original 2 inch H/E. It wasn't so happy with 85 degree summer Bay water after I moved it to Annapolis. A new three inch NiCu Seakamp H/E from Mr. Cool has kept temperatures at 180 ever since.



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Thank you, Mark.

My boat spent most of its sailing life in Washington and later Vancouver, but calls home Hawaii - so definitely a temp variance.