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Magnet Fuel Filter???


Junior Member
Lots of conflicting info out there about efficacy of magnetic diesel fuel filters. Anyone have experience using one? Worth the $$$?


Junior Member
I have not installed one, just thinking it. If they work as described by manufacturers perhaps I wouldn’t have to change filter cartridges as often. But mostly I hear they don’t work.

Tin Kicker

Sustaining Member
They work great for the people marketing and selling them. The main contaminates are carbon, more carbon, yet more carbon, and a little acid from the combustion process.

If a diesel starts shedding iron filings, you'll probably hear it pretty quick.


Curator of Broken Parts
Blogs Author
I’ve heard of magnets in the oil pan - kind of makes sense there. In the fuel system? Nah.

Internet + Magnet = tinfoil hat zone.