Mast Bent with Babies

Mark David

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We have always raked the mast on the 32-2, but kept the spar straight.

This year, after spending some time with a new loos gauge and a couple of wrenches, I have managed to put in a slight (1") forward bend in the mast by tensioning the front baby (lower) stays to ~700 lbs and just leaving the afts taut at ~360 lbs. Rake remains the same and the spar is straight athwartships.

Wondering what the general opinion is about this sort of a slight forward bend in an old 1970 mast made from an aluminum tree?


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Without the guidance of a professional rigger, I would be hesitant to offer an opinion...


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Mast bending to affect mainsail shape is popular in some racing crowds but there is an old saying that a straight mast is a safe mast. The decision whether to bend or not is a personal one. Is the extra 1/10th of a knot worth the risk? Not for me to say except on my own boat.