Nautical lamps


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I have seen antique nautical style fuel burning lamps ( in bronze or brass ) . I have electric LED lights throughout but it would be kind of cool to have one of these on the boat . Does anyone know where to get one ? I went to a used consignment marine hardware store in alameda but couldn’t find one .

Christian Williams

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I had a "Trawler lamp/lantern" over the saloon table on Thelonious, which was very high class. And at sea it fell on my head. Many available from usual sources.

This boat has gimballed Weems and Plath bulkhead-mount oil lamps, which I'm glad I didn't have to pay for, put out as much heat as light, and lend a sort of something or other to the ambiance which I have learnt to like. They need polishing, but real brass is its own reward. Also, when the engine is on, they can rattle.

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that’s exactly what I’m looking for . I can imagine having dinner onboard with the kids and the oil lamp goes on after sundown. My little granddaughter has probably never seen one .

Kenneth K

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I bought one of these from Vermont Lanterns several years ago and liked it so much that now I keep two of them.


Sometimes I hang one from the end of the boom at night for cockpit mood lighting.

Frank Langer

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I love the look of our smaller, gimballed Atlantic brass lamp. Although I have filled out with "smokeless" kerosene, it still smells a bit when burning. I have no idea what pollutants that may contain, so I always keep the cabin well vented, especially when the grandkids are on board.