Near free 1985 Ericson 32-3 project boat - Make offer

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This is essentially a re-assembly project and I may have somebody coming to see her on Thursday. If she doesn't go to that person, I'd like to see this boat gone before the yard space expires May 15, as I bought another boat. If I still own the Ericson at mid-May I'm going to use the dinghy to move her to a different marina closer to home where I am allowed to work on my own damned boat or at least get a decent contractor.

She never sank or anything like that, she was tied loose when a storm came through in November 2019 and rubbed the pilings on either side. The glass work on one side has been fixed to the point it just needs filling and paint while the other is a day or two more work, plus actually getting new rails to put on. The problem has been that the marina owner stopped me from doing exterior work, has decided he won't let anybody work on their hulls, and contractors don't want to deal with him. That's why I'm moving the boat to a different marina if it doesn't go away by when the ground lease expires, will fix it, and sell it for a reasonable price.

* Note: I assure you I did not make a mess and this is ALL about him being able to charge labor hours for the untrained yard kids. I've been a professional mechanic, still do my own work, and what I do is to ABYC standards. I am more than happy to help or at least guide a new owner as much as possible.

My hang-up for the internal work has been that I was working on the systems inside when my new business took off and I just ran out of time. Part of this is that on a nice weekend, getting to this marina is solidly an hour and a half or more because of Chesapeake Bay Bridge traffic back-ups. The boat itself is mostly intact with a lot of new parts and basically needs a lot of assembly. Has all new glass - both portlights and hatches. The new fuel system is mostly in with the cleaned and repaired tank needing to be dropped in place. Engine last ran when put on the hard. The circuit breaker panels are out (all wires labeled) and new panel ready to go in. Has a new 50w solar system with an MPPT controller that could take a couple hundred watts if you want to add panels. Cushions are old but the covers and foam have been disinfected, washed, and stored in my house. The head is stripped to bare walls, thru-hull sealed and the nasty old plumbing is out, but I do have the stool. I planned to put in a composting toilet or even just a portable cassette "for those emergencies" since this is a Bay boat. Salon table needs a new base post. Cockpit needs a new cubby. Exterior needs a buff and the bottom needs to be painted then new life lines installed. There's a small area near the anchor locker where the deck should be re-cored or injected but for the most part the deck is in good shape. She goes with the old tired sails and rigging (usable) but there is a new sail and one that was repaired that could be bought for whatever I paid.

It won't be a small task but she's a stout boat that is not over the hill. I hope to be down there this week to get more current photos so here are some for a start.


New port lights (windows) visible:

Before removing the cushions.


Stove is in my shed. The gas hoses and shut off valve need to be replaced, or just replace with something more simple & modern.

All new fuel system:

btw - I've enjoyed the EYO community and even though I now own an ODay would like to stick around.
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Best of luck with "re-homing" your boat, and do stay on the site. You'll always be a Viking at heart....

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In the end I gave RagTime to a friend and yesterday we took her to White Rocks Marina so she is closer and where we can work on her together. Yesterday was the first time she's floated in 3 years after being stuck at Fairwinds Marina on the Magothy where access could take 2+ hours due to Bay Bridge traffic and the owner doesn't allow owners to work on their own boats, especially below the rub rails.

It took a lot of prep work, the thru hulls were all taped over with Flex Tape, and none of the systems worked but she was a true Ericson for the 4 hour trip and was then hauled for her refit. Below is her new owner, Jerome, and I hope to get him to join the Chesapeake Ericson Group, as well as the forum.

Note the 5hp outboard from my dingy on a cradle made from a 2x12 board. I did chin ups on the mount to make sure it was strong enough. The PVC tube is the throttle, kinda like in Thailand, and the motor was locked in place so it could not swivel. The top was just a T above the step to carry the weight. The lower cross piece Is mounted to where the swim ladder normally is and there are two threaded rods thru the transom which go into folding/butterfly T-nuts and that is what holds the board tight to the hull.

fwiw - The little 2 smoke pushed her at 5 mph cross wind and better than 4 into a wind with swells against us.
Being the great boat the 32-3 is, she was light on the wheel, balanced, and got up to 9mph under sail.
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I look at these photos and think she’s not much worse off than Aylwin when I found her and I was fairly clueless to start. Ericsons will let you help them.

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I'm admiring that motor mount, Bob. I teach making skills, among other things, to fledgling industrial designers. I'd be thrilled if any of my students made a prototype with that kind of functional elegance. Bravo!