Need a dodger for my E32. Had a bit of sticker shock on a $3200 estimate.


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This estimate didn't include the frame, canvas only! Any good leads on less expensive options?
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Sounds about like the quotes I've seen. Other options are make your own from scratch, or with a kit from SailRite.
There used to be a couple of immigrants in my area that would do good canvas work at surprisingly low cost, but I think they have had to raise their prices in recent years, if they are even still doing it. Doesn't hurt to ask around though.

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I feel your pain turtle. When my dodger next needs replacement I'm going DIY with a hard dodger using FRP panel and acrylic. Google hard dodger and you'll see what others are doing.

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6K common quote for ss dodger with covers and leather and good handholds.

Dodgers are very climate/taste/spouse dependent. Most of us swear by them for very good reasons.

I swear at them. If you can get away with it, an uncluttered cabin house, great visibility, less complication easy access to winches and clutches have great charm.

And you can buy a new sail, instead....


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Several years ago I installed a dodger made by Island Nautical in City Island NY for my old Tartan 30. The quality was OK and the price was quite cheap, about $1K as I recall circa 2000. They had patterns for many boats and the fit was fine, quality OK but not great but you only get what you pay for.