Need to locate a gas tank tube

pcb don

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Anyone know where I might be able to locate a gas tube for my 27'. I have the aluminum tank, but the fitting is 1/4" not the availible 3/8". My guys here tell me there suppliers don't have access to 1/4". Any ideas?

Guy Stevens


You can order them in Aluminum even!

The best pick up tubes for AL tanks are teflon tubes that they also sell, you use two fittings for these, one is a 1/4 inch straight thru fitting in aluminum which goes into the top of the tank, the other is a 1/4 inch 90 of either stainless or bronze elbow that is the terminal of the tube, on the 90 you attach your CG approved flare fitting, and you are off to the races. Leave a space between them which is the teflon tube, about say 1/4 to 1/2 inch and you don't ever have any corrosion issues. Also easy to clean, unscrew the top part of the al fitting in the tank, and you can pull the whole tube out of the tank easily, and it goes back in and seals perfectly again.