New '78 E-34T Owner

Skipper Snoozin

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Hi everyone! My name is Susan and I am soon to be the new owner of a 1978 34T located in the Sacramento Delta here in Northern California. I am super excited and can not wait to finalize the deal this week.

Lots of restoration work to be done, including replacing the headliner and SO MUCH interior and exterior brightwork to be done. She needs the mast step repaired along with a bit of engine work and a good rig tuning. Running rigging will be replaced as well. Lots of work, but I couldn't pass her up. She is the largest vessel I've owned, started with Snipe, a few Lasers, Snarks and a Star. Moved up to a Tanzer 22 then raced an old Cal 27 pop-top and now THIS!!! We are interested in a bit of blue water cruising up and down the coast, racing her on the beer cans and teaching the little ones how to sail. Looking forward to joining the community and will post up pictures and info as I get them.

Thanks for such a great site and knowledgeable group!!


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Welcome aboard Susan. I've actually never seen a E34T in real life. Enjoy it and beware the shallows on the river!