New England/Long Island Ericson Regatta - any interest?

Mel Snyder

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For many years back in the 1980s and 1990s, regional Ericson owners would gather on Block Island on an August weekend - and it was truly super. Race around the island, very gentlemanly. barbecue, lots of kids activities - dingy racing, fishing. Terrific. The Kollman brothers would attend, we had T shirts and pennants and great prizes. I still use an Autohelm hand compass I won one year, and a Harken vest - and a winch handle. Occasionally we would choose a CT or Long Island location, but Block was always the most popular.

When Ericson sold off to Pacific Seacraft, and the local dealer went Hunter, the regatta died - 1996 was really the last of the series, although others have tried to revive it.

In sailing Buzzards Bay, I see quite a few Ericsons, and occasionally, I will find a note pinned to a lifeline from a former regatta participant passing through during the week.

In almost 20 years, a whole new group of owners are likely out there - and some of the children of owners back then may have inherited their parents' boats.

And so, I thought I'd just toss the idea out there, and see if there's any interest in preparing for a 2015 regatta.

Feel free to email me at melsnyder at gee-mail (spelled correctly, of course).

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Mel Snyder
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