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New Ericson sailor


Member II
Hello all. My name's Bill, home port Charleston SC. I was a liveaboard on a Catalina years back for around 7 years. Since then I've sailed, but not as much as I'd like. Recently a friend inherited a 1970 Ericson 39 that's in remarkably good shape. She was a freshwater boat her entire life I'm told. In a yard right now to get everything in shape before putting her in the water.

My pal used to sail with his grandfather, the boat's original owner, but doesn't remember much. He's relying on me to get him up to speed and handle the boat until then. Man oh man I'm happy to have found this site! And thanks much for letting me join, Sean.

We're having the yard do much of the pre-launch work because it's part of his inheritance. This includes sealing and fairing some grounding damage to the leading bottom edge of the keel as well as stepping the mast and tuning the rigging. Once launched yours truly gets to skipper the boat to the slip, and get her ready to sail for real.

So that's about it for now. I'll be at the yard tomorrow and I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions for y'all after that. I hope you'll bear with me!

Loren Beach

O34 - Portland, OR
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welcome to the Viking realm!
Is this boat the flush deck model or the rarer trunk cabin version?


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High Loren, and thanks for the welcome. Flush deck, and as far as I can tell she's been set up very well as a single-hander. My bud's grandpa was a Great Lakes sailor. There are actually a pretty impressive number of awards on the bulkheads. I'm hoping I can do her justice!


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Thanks Tex; I do appreciate it. The new owner is my sister's fiancee, but I actually like him. Her too, come to think of it. :p
I'm a lot older than them and have some experience, so they're looking to me. I've gotta say I'm really looking forward to it. And being the sporting type I did warn him that if he comes to find the slip empty it's because I'm halfway to Rio!


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With an attitude like yours....you will be a terrific instructor and asset to your soon to be growing family!


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I sure do appreciate the encouragement. To be honest I'm more than a bit nervous about it. I'm a confident sort of fellah and believe I'll rise to the occasion, but I truly am nervous.

We went out to the yard where she's in cradles and did a few things, mostly just inspecting, cleaning, and getting to know her. I found it interesting.

BTW, is this where I should continue this topic? Seems to me I should go to maintenance / repair. I'm gonna do that. Please follow me over there and give me any opinions you may have, and if I"m in the wrong place I hope you'll forgive me and take care of it.

C'ya there, and thanks!