New owner Intro ERY 26-2


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I just purchased an Ericson 26-2 (1987). I've spent the past couple weeks getting her ready to sail with a lot of help from the previous owner.
This Friday, I'm planning to splash her and sail up from Jersey City to Nyack. She will be moored at the Nyack boat club.

This is my first sailboat and I'm hoping I can learn to take care of her.

Ericson 26-2 "ANEMOS"


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Congrats and welcome aboard. Take an experienced crew, ride the tides.
Thank you. Yes, I've checked the tide tables - plan to depart 30 mins after low tide at the NY battery. Also, picked a day when winds are forecast to be from SE. 2-3 kn favorable current + 10-13 kn favorable winds should help with the 27 nm trip to her new home :)
Fighting tide or wind up the Hudson is painful.

Brad Johnson

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Congratulations , whats is the last 3 digits of your hull number , Mine is a 88 model year but was built 7/87. I have had my 26-2 since new, great boat.


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301C7 87
Love the boat. Sailed her up the Hudson yesterday and made it to my mooring at Nyack just as total darkness set it.
For a while the wind was right behind us - we use some lines to tie off a preventer (vang line was not long enough) and a whisker pole on the job sheet to go wing on wing :) Didn't think it would work as there was no proper fitment for the whisker pole on the mast.
I have to figure out what kind of car I need for the track on the mast for the whisker pole.



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Welcome to the club Vasu. I just purchased my E26-2 a few months ago and she is now in Brooklyn. We are almost neighbors! You will love the boat. I was thinking of taking her up the Hudson this summer. Will be in touch.


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Welcome aboard. My Ericson 29 (which is up for sale) is going in the water today. I get a few sails in before I am moving south.