Nomination for Kathy Beach - Matriarch of PNW Rendez Vous


Member III
We are all very fortunate recipients of Loren's energy and contributions to the group...his efforts among those of others make this group exceptional. That being said, this post is about another Beach family member who tends to operate a little more in the background, but is a key contributor as well as I recently found out. Loren's wife, Kathy, brought an element to this years event that was really a highlight of the dinner social.

A week or so before we meet up, Loren asked if Kathy could organize a raffle event. I immediately agreed since group efforts are what make these events more successful. Little did I realize what I was agreeing too or the efforts Loren and Kathy (in this case most like Kathy) put forth. Kathy put together what must of been ~10 grab bags that contained a trove of wonderful boat accessories. Aside from the cost (Kathy says she shops all year and is very practical), there was still a serious commitment of time, creativity, and money to contribute to the Viking event!

We should feel fortunate and honoured to have such great member on the site,and for that I nominate Kathy as "Honorary Matriarch" of the PNW group. I also send a heart felt thank you for both Loren and Kathy's continued support of the site.

PS. Please hurry up and read since Loren being the modest person he is (and senior moderator), can easily delete this post. He better least not before showing it to Kathy.

Thank you Beach Family!

Shaun Wurzner
(not to be confused with Bulletin Board Founder Sean Engle)