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The annual NE harbor race is coming up in a little over a month. This is an overnight regatta from Falmouth, Maine to Northeast Harbor, Maine. It is a one way destination regatta. NE harbor is on Mount Desert Island(Acadia National Park) and has lots to do and see. We are hoping to attract some boats that may be cruising in the area at the time(Sep. 4th-6th, 2009)

This is a great regatta for first time racers. We will provide a provisional(free) PHRF certificate for entrants that don't have one. Cocktail party and brunch planned for Saturday night and Sunday in NE Harbor.

For more info go to the following link:

My wife and I love to do this race because it is the start of our two week cruise and getting to NE Harbor in a little over a day makes it nice to go even further.

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Tim is...

Tim uses this race to kick of a two week cruise. The races finish destination puts him smack dab in the middle of some of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world so he'll be out there for another week & a half or so. I believe he left the technology at home..:) I feel fairly confident they won again this year. I spoke to him, by cell, 2 miles from the finish and they were way ahead...


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Yup, another win. The start was amazing. All the other boats were bunched up at the windward end of the line on stbd tack(relax, it is a 100nm race!). We stayed clear at the leward end of the line on stbd tack. The air was so turbulent up at the windward end that we watched a Peasron 33(PHRF 168) pass a J35(PHRF 72) on his leward side.

We simply had clear air and quickly pulled away from the fleet. The wind was light so once we got rolling it was easy to increase the gap. When we got up the next morning, the other 3 boats in our class were little triangles on the horizon. At this point it was a race for second between an Ericson 34(147), Pearson 33(168) and a C&C 35(144). Our rating is 141.

We were in sight of the finish line and there was a large hole between us and the line. A convergence from the mountains of Acadia(northerly) and the prevailing southerly. We had no other choice but to sail into it. We spent 2 hours trying to get to the finish while the other 3 boats decreased the gap. Luckily they had to deal with the same hole although smaller. We managed to keep the gap big enough to take the win.

Ericsons lock up 1st and 2nd!

We sailed through the night to a cloudless full moon with sightings of whales, seals, porpoises and sharks. Most of the whales were the smaller types like Minkes and Pilots but we did have some very large water spouts from some larger whales.


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Nice.. very nice!

Any pointers for your fellow 35-3's, like back-stay ##, what did you use for backstay pressure on your various points of sail? Did you stay with the same size head sail... did you get any whales to push you?.. ha ha

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I typically loosen up the backstay to in turn loosen the headstay in lighter winds and tighten it up in stronger winds. I used my 150 but had to roll it in a few times when the wind got very light. Although we had some nice winds we never saw any that required any reefing.

My best tip for light wind sailing this boat is to get her moving and try to keep her as smooth as possible. No abrupt steering changes or weight movements. She will go good in light airs even with the boat loaded for cruising and with a rib on the foredeck.


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I and some friends at our yacht club are organizing the 3rd annual Northeast Harbor Race. It is an overnight race from Portland to Northeast Harbor on Mount Desert Island(Acadia). It starts on Friday, August 27th. Boats usually finish Saturday afternoon. We have nearly a full moon and we always see lots of wildlife. Cocktails at the finish and brunch/awards ceremony in NE Harbor on Sunday.

This is a really fun race. Most boats enter the race to get downeast quick and then take a week or 2 cruising home. I hope to have my new boat by then and sail the race but if not I will be crewing for fellow EYO boat Peregrine.

More information can be found at:

Or you can send me a private message via EYO.