Old Autohelm 4000 Control Head With New Raymarine EV-100 Wheel ?


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My ancient Autohelm 4000 wheel pilot no longer works unless he clutch lever is held in place with a bungee cord. So far I have changed the belt and the idler/tension wheel and fiddled with the adjustment screw to no avail. I have finally come to the conclusion that after 30 years its probably time for a new one.
Does anyone know if the new Raymarine EV-100 wheel will work with the old Autohelm 4000 control head ?


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Before I did a complete upgrade, my old Autohelm wheel unit broke apart. I replaced the wheel unit with the EV-100 wheel and kept the old Autohelm control head. It worked fine. Eventually I did install the complete EV-100 system and would highly recommend it. The enhanced motion sensor and computer control does a much better job of course keeping under a variety of conditions. But naturally you will spend more, and there is more rewiring involved, which is what held me back initially.

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If belt tension is the issue the replacement belt could be the problem ..... When my wheel pilot belt broke on my older unit, I had to order a belt via the internet as OEM didn't exist. Although on first glance it seemed the right size, it was about 1/4 inch too big in circumference, too big for the adjustment screw to properly compensate. I cut rings from plastic irrigation pipe and using a heat gun, sweated them over the clutch engagement wheels to increase their diameter. I worked well and I saved the cost of a new A/P


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JSM< for what it's worth I paid $1000 for a complete new EV-100 wheel, head, everything at West using their price matching policy. I printed an ad from some Hong Kong dealer selling it for that price. West gulped and honored it. Might I suggest get the whole thing new and be done with it.