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I have the digital copy of the olson 34 brochure and was wondering if the mast measurements are for the TM Tall Mast or the Standard Mast?

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Spar notes

I was down at the boat reorganizing my "boat notebook" and remembered this question.
Our boat has the Tall Rig, and someone at EY even scribed those words on the top of our lower spreader root - presumably when building the rig.

When mast was down for a re-rig, I wrote down some measurements.

Mast section (only the spar section) = 49' 6.5"

Measured up from the butt=

22' 4" to first spreader root
36' 7" to second spreader root
Runner attachment point= 33' 0"
Upper shroud attachment = 48' 2"

Perhaps this helps, or muddies the waters with excess trivia.
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