Photo Insertion in the New Forum

Christian Williams

E381 - Los Angeles
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The new Xenforo forum software makes photo illustration easy and intuitive, and provides convenient layout options .

A picture dragged into place loads full size. It can then be reduced to the desired scale by tugging the corners. Gigantic photos are unnecessary unless intended. Often a mix of photo sizes better indicates emphasis desired. All sizes expand when clicked on.

It helps readers if photos are positioned appropriately within the text, which the software encourages.

A thumbnail option is available, but requires expansion for viewing.

Thumbnails stacked independent of the text are less convenient for viewers and may be missed.

The former issue of photos uploading sideways, especially from mobile devices, seems to have been pretty much solved by Xenforo. When the error does occur, the photo needs to be deleted, corrected, and re-uploaded in the desired orientation.

Loren Beach

O34 - Portland, OR
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Good Point! I like the relative ease of importing photos now. I was used to the quirks of the previous old software, and it's a bit like having gotten used to the many little quirks of our former diesel, I now find that the ease of operation in the new diesel is just great.
Ah, Progress!

Sean Engle

Your Friendly Administrator
Yes, most of the image rotation issues come from the Apple-Microsoft battle - with iPhone users wanting to load to what is essentially a windows site.... It never ends.....


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I'm compounding this with a new computer that leaps several OS numbers ahead of my old one. Export "size medium" seems to make a thumbnail that unpacks into... a thumbnail. "Size large" produces a billboard. I don't think I've even tried "size small" but it may be a shortcut for producing microdots for spy vs spy games. Probably a few more combinations of settings to try... surprising things may happen. :oops:

Christian Williams

E381 - Los Angeles
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I drag photos into the forum screen from the desktop, then drag the corner to select the size.

I guess everybody doesn't do it that way. Amazing the number of platforms and workflows any software has to deal with.