PO Mystery Part


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I’ve found some odd things in the buns and bags over the years, but this one continues to mystify me. image.jpg
iphone block included for scale.


William Haas
My best guess is an adjustable mount for an instrument display... but, yeah, a little dumbfounded myself.

I have a similar box of things passed to me from the previous owner (a close friend) which was passed to him from the previous, previous owner. That box lives in my brother's garage and is not to be opened for fear of creating new projects and/or deep speculation.

Christian Williams

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Why, that is obviously what it clearly is. It is for the purpose for which it was so well designed. Many boats have such devices, which serve many purposes, although of various manufacture and materials.

I use one of those on my boat to hold a block of cheese to the floor. The plug is useless, it has no wire.



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Waxing iron stand misplaced in the boat bin? That looks suspiciously like a ski wax bench...


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Winter ski tuning bench/summer boat bench. And I’m glad to know that I am making proper use of the device.


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Be carefull! Those misterious parts are the soul of the boat.... you loose and 24 hs later something go wrong and that now wasted part was "the" solution at the problem... ;)


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Well its universally known that a square peg will not go into a round hole, You Sir have found yourself a round peg holder!!!