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Before I list my dinghy on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace I thought it best to list it here at EYO first. I'm offering for sale a "pram" style dinghy very similar to the Eastport pram offered in kit form by Chesapeake Light Craft out of Annapolis. This dinghy was hand built (not by me) and it is a strip planked boat call a "Coot". Plans for it are available from Guillemont Kayaks. This boat is different then the Easport Pram in that there is a "T" shape bench seat runs lengthwise rather than the typical middle seat running across the boat. This design allows a rower to shift his or her weight front to back to balance the boat compensating for the weight of a passenger and or cargo. It also encloses space for a buoyancy chamber. The boat is also rigged to accepts davit connections. Comes with the oars but no motor and you probably won't need one since it's easy to row and tracks very well. Length is 8 feet, beam 4 feet, waterline 7 feet, displacement 408 lbs., draft about 6 inches. Although I never weighed it I guessing it's about 60 lbs. The boat is in great shape. When I purchased it (already built) it had a small crack on the starboard side near the rear bench seat that had a small leak. I repair this area, painted it over and you can see it in one of the photos. The boat is water tight and I had intentions of re-painting the rest of the interior to match the repair but never got around to it. Asking $1,300. The boat is currently in a dinghy rack at a marina in Annapolis. I'm selling it because it's just not getting enough use. Contact me here and I'll let you know where and when you can see the boat in person. I live about two hours from the marina so will have to make arrangements. If you have any questions then let me know.


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I like the fore and aft seat. It looks like the designer extended both the bow and stern seats to eliminate the need for the traditional athwartships bracing that the Eastport pram needs, and gets from its midships thwart.