Raymarine C-80 Repair

Neil Gallagher

Neil Gallagher
My Raymarine C-80 Multfuntion Display and Raystar RS125 GPS are generating recuring lost postion alarms about every 10 minutes. The system loses its satalite reception and then after about 5 mintues comes back with a HDOP value of 1.0. Then a few miuntes later generates a lost positon alarm. I've have replced the battery in the receiver then replaced the receiver with a used one. Same issue. Tried to do a firmware update on the C-80 but the system will not read the128Mb CF Flash card for doing a backup or loading latest firmware update. Now the system does not read the chart card. It going from bad to worse. I looking for a reputiable Raymarine repair center that has board level capabilities. Are there any recommendations out there?

Frank Langer

1984 Ericson 30+, Nanaimo, BC
I have talked with the Raymarine technical staff several times to resolve issues with their equipment, and they have been very helpful each time. Once I had to send my speed / knotmetre to the factory for repair, and they did so at a very reasonable cost, much less than buying a new one.
I would phone the main customer service and ask to talk with technical staff.


Member III
C80s are getting a bit old. You can get a workng one used for $300 which (I imagine) is less than it would cost to have one fixed. There has been so much advancement since the C80 era though you might consider swapping in a newer unit. WiFi, touch screens, remote apps from your phone / iPad, etc. for not too much more than a used C80. Every time I use a last-generation chart plotter it feels almost like pulling out a sextant and looking for a star chart