Rebuiding 1970 E41

Mike Brockman

Junior Member
Purchased a 1970 E41 and had it hauled home this Fall for a major restoration. Would love to hear from other E41 owners. Currently have it on the hard on my property and have spent the last couple of months building a shelter over it and slowly gutting everything out of the interior. The deck has some delamination issues, I plan to put a barrier coat on the hull, chain plates need to be replaced and I am sure the list will keep growing.

This is not my first rodeo but by far the largest project I have attempted. Currently removing interior to replace the cabin sole which had some bad spots around the mast step and under the icebox/freezer were the drain hose had plugged


Frank Langer

1984 Ericson 30+, Nanaimo, BC
I'm so pleased to see you willing to accept the challenge and invest the dollars and effort to restore this lovely boat. Good luck as you work your way forward. This is a great site, with lots of experts if you have questions or need guidance along the way.

Mike Brockman

Junior Member
Challenge is a good discription. The PO had done a pretty extensive job rebuilding her 25 years ago recoring a lot of the deck and dog house, new Yanmar and V drive, barrier coat on the hull, new wiring and electrical panels, hardware and lines. Unfortunatly after 25 years it all needs to be done again although the Yanmar was rebuit a couple of years ago. At least I am starting with a boat that has been regularly maintained and not neglected for 50 years.