Reefing up close

Norwegian Blue

Luan/Bill Burton, E30+ in Sheboygan, WI
Lots of info on this forum, and vids on YT, about Reefing. But mostly about when to reef, slab vs roller, single line vs double, etc. My Q is more basic. My ‘84 E30+ has a standard rig and North Sails main, slug foot, two reefs. The luff cringles are difficult to stretch onto the Rams horn—either one can barely reach over the stack of slugs on the mast, to reach the horn. We can do it when the sail is neatly flaked, by pushing the one flake with the cringle through and across to the opposite side of the boom. Is this proper technique? I assume you don’t want to remove slugs or the gate blocker (name?) from the track. TIA

Christian Williams

E381 - Los Angeles
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Few solutions to anything are as satisfying as "dog bones."

dog bones.jpg

You can make one instantly with a loop of line and two shackles (as temp substitutes for the O rings), luggage-tag knot at both ends. You can make a better one at leisure out of a sail tie and two stainless rings.

The dog bone on the second reef is often longer than the first reef. Just adjust to suit. Makes hooking onto the reef horn...easy.

Norwegian Blue

Luan/Bill Burton, E30+ in Sheboygan, WI
Thanks, we’ll try this, so we can reef easily in conditions. I assume you want to plan the length carefully, so the other cringles, especially at the clew, line up.