Repairing Rip in Dodger Window

Cory B

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Hi all,

We noticed today a tear about 1 ft long in our dodgers front plexiglass window. The dodger is only about a year old, and was perfectly fine last week, so we're a little stumped about how it came to be, but thats not what I wanted to ask about.

What I wanted to ask, is there a good short-term repair? We'll take it down this winter and fix it properly, but for the summer, does anyone have any suggestions for clear tape, or something else? If all else fails I'll use clear duct tape, but if theres something better...


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Cory, Hmmmmm? Darndest things happen. Is that ridged plexiglass or the clear vinyl?

I gave up using duct tape a few years back because of the nasty residue it leaves behind. It never lasts in a outdoor environment.

The replacement, Frost King clear vinyl weatherstripping tape. It's available in harware stores in 1" & 2". I've used it in a number of applications and it's held up well. It won't be invisible on the window, but hey it's a cheap fix.

Cory B

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Yep, cheap clear flexible vinyl. Thanks for the tip on weatherstripping tape.

I think it may have have been whipped pretty hard the last time we were out with a jib sheet while furling the jib. I have trouble belieiving that could be the cause, but its the only guess I got right now.