Replacement Lens & Seals - Old Standard Size 1


O34 - Los Angeles
For Lewmar Old Standard Size 1 Opening Ports

2 - Hatchmasters replacement lenses (~$38 each)
3 - Replacement seals (~$15 each)
5 - o-rings seals for latch mechanisms (only 4 needed)

**Free to good home, just reimburse me for shipping to you** I'll give to whoever PMs me first.

I have 5 lewmar opening ports on my olson 34. I bought all new lenses and seals assuming I would rebuild them all. Took the two forward ports off the boat and concluded that replacing the seals was in the too hard bag (for me, although others seem to be able to do it fine). So I bought two new ports and installed them, and then just swapped the lenses (but not the seals) in the 3 remaining ports. So I have these parts left over for 2 ports.


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