Replacement manual bilge hose

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Has anyone experience in removing and replacing the hose from the manual pump to the bilge? My bilge pump hose on my E30 has sprung a small leak. Are there aspects I need to be aware of in this replacement? Thanks, Stan

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I just replaced the long run of hose (it had been there since 1988) from the Gusher 10 on the cockpit combing to the mid-ship strum box.
Hose: Shields #149, 1.5”
Smooth inside and outside, and reinforced. Clamps easily.

Removing the original ribbed while hose was quite difficult, and next I had to reach into nigh-impossible places with a small die grinder to enlarge most of the holes in the wood and frp support bracing beneath everything. Even less fun. Nice to have that job done.

I needed 23’ of hose for $72.45 total, from Englund Marine in Astoria. Placed the order by phone and they arranged for pick up @ 'will call' at their PDX warehouse.
Nice folks to deal with.

Odd enough, the local "flagship store" West Marine had very little hose selection in stock...
OTOH, great store if you need a fender, a fishing pole, clothing, or a paddle board. :rolleyes:

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