Replacement window glass


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Broke my starboard rear glass !!! help needed in finding a replacement
So I have purchased a 1980 Ericson25+ with quite a few issues as a project boat. It is my first sailboat that I’ve owned but I am extremely mechanically inclined so I believe I can tackle almost anything.
One of the issues I had was the leaking port lights and leaking bad which seems to be a very common problem not just on Ericsons.
but while taking the entire window assembly out I cracked and shattered my starboard rear window. Unfortunately this project would be almost finished if not for needing a replacement glass. I do have two wrecker yards to try today but have been looking for a replacement glass for well over a month.

Gary Holford

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Have you tried getting one cut at an automotive glass store? They should have flat safety glass and the means to custom cut you a port. At the very least they should be able to point you in the right direction.