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This thread is being prompted by recent events, and reports I have been receiving about disagreements that members may have - between themselves and other members, or between themselves and the world at large. I've been meaning to issue an FAQ on this for some time, but up until now, there really has been no need.

So, without further ado:

Rule #1: is non-commercial : This decision was made a long, long - long - time ago - and for very good reason. In a time when everyone and his brother is trying to sell you something and mine you for behavioral data - this site is going the other way. This site is simply about the Ericson line of sailboats, sailing, boating, growing old and having some community where little existed before. If I see/catch someone posting for obvious commercial purposes, I will bounce them faster than you can click your mouse.

Rule #2: is apolitical : It's not because we don't all have political beliefs, but rather because we do all have political beliefs and often they vary widely among the 4,000+ members - so somewhere, somehow someone is going to get upset. Please do not engage in political discussion - there are thousands of websites made just for the purpose (try joining - and then comment on everything on MSNBC!) - so please utilize their facilities for it - not this.

Rule #3: is non-religious :
Yes, I know there is something mystical and wonderful and very spiritual about sailing - however some people also see a very technical side, while others see a very social side (I raise my hand here) , while others just use it as an escape. If you get closer to your God by sailing - great - I'm very happy for you - please keep it to yourself, and don't proselytize on the website - or I will bounce you faster than the ushers pass the plate in the Methodist Church (and yes, I know - I'm Methodist - so I'm entitled).

See? Only three rules! Basically, please don't freak people out, or make people angry - you don't like it when people do it to you - so please set an example for other members on the site, and help keep the peace.

Finally - has "Reporting Capability" - which means that YOU can "report" any thread, or any user at any time. On each post has a little icon shaped like a caution sign (think of your hazard lights switch in your car - see the image below) - THAT is the button you use to report something you find offensive (and no - Craig is an outstanding individual who everyone thinks is just great - I just pulled this thread as an example - sorry Craig!).


What happens when YOU report someone? Well, for starters, it's anonymous to the general membership and we'll never mention anyone's name as having been involved.

The other, more important thing is that reporting a thread or a poster sends a message to all the moderators and to me, the administrator - and, it creates a thread in the EY.o Technical Staff forum - one of two management forums that you cannot see. That enables those of us who control the site to review the material and the message you have flagged and decide on some relevant action. Also - when you use the reporting system, it provides a link back to the item you're discussing, so we can see what you're talking about. When you report something/someone, you WILL hear from me - I promise.

So - a.) please to not try and make other users upset by discussing things like politics, religion or the New York Yankees - we all have enough problems to deal with. And b.) if YOU see something that YOU think is offensive - please bring it to our attention by using the reporting system - it helps all of us - believe me.

If you have any questions or concerns on these policies, please contact me via the "Contact Us" link below.

Thanks! :egrin:

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