Rigger Recommendation, Dana Point


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Can anyone recommend a trustworthy/good rigger in Dana Point? The slip management company has Aqua Tech on their list of approved vendors, but being new to the area, I don't know them at all.


Roger Janeway

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Dana Point Rigger - Richard D'Amico

I just had a rigger survey my Ericson 26, which I just closed on this week in Dana Point. He was recommended by my surveyor. I liked him a lot. He admitted he's getting a bit old to balance on boats, but he climbed the mast and seemed to do a thorough job, including doing a few minor repairs while he was up there. He showed up on time and charged the agreed upon original price ($300) even though he stayed a bit longer than originally planned.

His name is: Richard D'Amico, Independent Rigging, Costa Mesa, CA (949) 645-7613.

I can't guarantee his work since I have not yet sailed the boat since the survey to see if he missed anything crucial. I will be sailing the boat up to Marina del Rey as soon as I can sort out a few mechanical problems, as the prevailing winds mean I need to be able to rely on the iron sail. Not to mention for maneuvering into my slip. But he seemed like a straight shooter to me.

If you contact him, please let him know that I recommended him (Roger - Ericson 26 survey on Sept. 20) and that I did buy the boat!


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