RIP Patrick Childress - COVID19

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Learned that Patrick Childress passed in South Africa, leaving Rebecca. Never met either but learned from him and and enjoyed their videos. He actually had gotten past the coronavirus but according to Rebecca it did so much damage to his system that he died of a clot.

It is interesting to read the first hand accounts she had been posting regarding care in S.A. and differences from what we hear in the US.

The GoFundMe for the medical bills left to Rebecca reached the target level but her income will probably fall without him and the videos so I had no hesitation to pitch in anyway.

Please be safe!

RIP Patrick


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Terrible loss to all bluewater cruisers - way, way too soon. Many will be simply stunned, as we were waiting for their next YT video to drop.
We're all thinking of Rebecca. - hoping she can stay healthy, and carry on.

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His wife, Rebecca, has posted an intimate account of his last hospital moments and of her future plans, which for the moment are to keep the Valiant 40.

Buongiorno a tutti voi.
Ho seguito tutti i suoi video, mi dispiace, amareggiato
La brutta bestia del Coronavirus
moglie medico in radiologia ha visto uccidere molte vittime in Italia.
Un abbraccio a tutti voi.