Rub Rail damage


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Ericson 25.5 had some damage to the rub rail on one side. Has anyone had to replace a section of this before? Can I find several feet of the same rail somewhere to match? Or must I replace all of it with new? Recommendations?


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Damaged rub rail 1980 Ericson 25.5

I have attached a pic of the 1980 Ericson 25.5 w/ the damaged rub rail. I am new to this site and just figuring out how to use it.


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Interesting. Apparently the 25 used a different style of rub rail than the rest of the boats. E25 owners will know.


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That looks like the style used on the 70's 32-2

That looks like what I have an eight foot stick of sitting next to me in the basement, I racked it up last year, and again this year, but if it gets shattered again I am going to look into a different style of rail as a replacement.