rudder replacment


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I have a 38-200 that has a very wet rudder, looking into Foss who has the pattern to make another for 1K. Does anybody have recent experience with Foss and the quality of the work they do? Their price seems reasonable the local boat yard wants 3500.00 to fabricate a new one. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:oops:ffice:oops:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>


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I recently bought a rudder, last fall, from Foss for my E26. They were outstanding to deal with and I was pleased with the rudder. They made the OEM rudder for many Ericsons. No worries with them. Take note that if your Foss rudder is on the hard, paint it a lighter color. Heat buildup is not good for them!

Mark F

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Hi Jimk,

You might want to search Foss on this site (I use Google and the "search site" option). Looks like a mixed bag of experiences.


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I have read some of the unhappy posts with Foss not good, along with the positive ones. Based on the fact that they have the mold and I need a new rudder at a reasonable cost I’m going to send it off.
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I have stripped it to just the post hoping to save on shipping “was very wet and heavy” and actual cost. This is not a fun job. I have also heard painting white is a good idea to reduce temperature variations, so well give it a try. The original lasted 20 years if I can get the same out of the new one great.<o:p></o:p>

Cory B

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Repair it?

We had a "wet rudder" too when we bought our boat. It actually was just delaminated in spots (which had filled with water). The yard cut out some of the fiberglass, to find the underlying foam was still in excellent shape, and we saw no signs of corrosion with the post. The bad areas were reglassed, the rudder was refaired, and we were only out an additional $600 and the rudder didn't have to be shipped anywhere.

We checked it out again when the boat was hauled next and it was still in good shape.