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Anyone have any experience with OEM-type sails from Sail Warehouse?

I don't need offshore products, just cleaner and crisper versions of what I have now. Their prices seem pretty reasonable.

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I bought a new main for an Ericson 23 mk1 and a CDI furler/135% headsail package for my E27 from The Sail Warehouse. Both are fine especially for the money. I have purchased sails from Santa Cruz Sails in Santa Cruz (imagine that) and the difference in quality is apparent. That said, I would recommend Sail Warehouse for budget sails.


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I bought an E27 main from Sail Warehouse several years ago. Looks good to me, but I'm no sail expert or racer. It does have a slight "pucker" where the boom meets the mast.

I'm satisfied with my purchase.


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Sail Warehouse is Good

I have bought several sails from Sail Warehouse for customers wanting a good product and excellent value. Main, staysail and jib for Endurance 35, 135 jib and CDI roller for a Cal 29, Main for a Dana 24. I feel they are honest to deal with, know their products and deliver when they say.

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I purchased an asymmetrical spinnaker for my Catana catamaran through them, quick and painless, the sail was great - no issues.


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I bouth a new main for my old E27 a few years ago. I'm a cruiser not a racer and the sail was fine and the overall experience was painless.



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Sail Warehouse

In know this is an old thread but I thought I might put in my two cents for any one considering The Sail Warehouse. I purchased a E-32 in '06 and picked up a furling 135 and full battened mail since the existing sails were shot. I was very surprised by the fit and shape of the sails as well as the quality of build. In my early twenties I worked at a loft for a few years as well as have raced on many boats and have seen many different sails. For cruising these sails are as good as anything out there for two thirds the cost. The detail work is great. I would recommend them to my friends, and have. There you go. I think I may have run a couple of cents over.......

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I did purchase a new main and genoa from the Sail Warehouse. The service was excellent and I am very pleased with the new sails.
Beautiful new viking helmet on the main.


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Sail Waerhouse

I just received a main sail for an E23 Mk.2 #359 from them. It was a Rolly Tasker. Price was comparable to other quotes. And they were very cooperative on shipping, as I found the delivery date would be while I was in Illinois.