Sanitation Hose Choices


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Installing new sanitation hose on Tortuga this year and have narrowed my choices down to Raritan Saniflex and Trident 102. While both seem to have good odor ratings my main concern is flexibility / easy of installation.
What has worked best for you ?


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Hi @JSM. I replaced the entire sanitation system on Danu in the spring of 2019. The project included a new holding tank and fittings, all new sanitation hoses and clamps, a new larger vent hose and thru-hull, refurbishing the Raritan PHII head, and refurbishing the overboard discharge pump. After extensive research I chose the Raritan Saniflex due to the odor permeation qualities, odor permeation warranty (10 years), and flexibility which made for an easy install. I have been very pleased with the choice and would recommend the product.

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I used Trident 101 for my new hose project and I have to say it was an absolute bear to get installed. Now that it's there, it works fantastically and should for a very long time, but man, that was a rough day or two.


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I used Raritan saniflex. My install would not have been possible with a less flexible hose. Defender has it for under $9 per foot. Looks like triton 102 is a bit less. I don't have any experience with it, but it looks similar to saniflex.


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1 cent of worth of free advise. i replaced my head and Y valve last weekend. here a couple of things i took away from the experience.

1. If you can boil the hose or heat it with a heat gun you will be doing yourself a huge favor. Some lube helps also.
2. Use new hose clamps over old ones and if you can use the T bolt clamps vs the worm it better. They tighten more evenly around the whole hose.
3. Use latex gloves and this is not a bad spot for your mask either.
4. Dont chew your fingernails or eat the last few bites of your sandwich.
5. Have plenty of hand santizer available


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Sounds like you already made your mind up but I just replaced all my hoses with Trident 101 and it wasn't too bad to work with. Just have to warm it up a bit to get it pliable. Just setting it in the sun before working with it made a huge difference.


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thanks. just ordered from Defender. Noting that at around $9/ft+shipping their price seems to substantially below some other popular suppliers.