Santa Cruz Island for the long weekend


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We are finally getting out ot the island!! We ( my new SAILING girlfriend) and I have been racing our butts off this summer and haven't had a decent weekend to get out there. The plan is to sail over to smugglers friday afternoon then figure out where we want to motor to. Frys might be a good call. My yacht club (CIYC) went to Coches last weekend and they all said there was too much tar on the beach to even think about going ashore. I know its all going to be crowded thats why we are leaving early friday.
Any other Channel Island Ericsons heading out to Santa Cruz for the weekend?
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Fry's will be full

OK, we are officially jealous :). We are sitting here in the SF bay dreaming about going to Santa Barbara and Channel Islands.

Anyway, I'd stay in Smugglers or Scorpions - Fry's will be full. Even if you get there early, it's no fun to be in the crowded anchorage and watch another guy to anchor over your rode. Pelican or Prisoners may be great in a good weather too.



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We went out to Santa Cruz last week and went to Smugs on Monday. Tuesday went to Willow's on the back side for two glorious days all by ourselfs and then back to Smugs on Thursday and sailed home on Friday. As for the tar, We found very little at eather cove.

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