seeking blueprints for ericson 33 to share with model maker


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i owned an ericson 33 in the late 80's to the mid 90's. i'm currently documenting the boats that have passed through our family by having half-hull models made of each. the model maker has requested a copy of the plans for the ericson 33 so he can build the most accurate half-hull possible.

if anyone has a resource out there that will allow me to download a decent copy of the ericson 33's plans, i would appreciate it.


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appreciate the link sv_naidia.

issue is, i can't seem to copy or download the plans when they're embedded in a thread. could there be another place on the forum/site where pdf versions of the plans are housed? i've done searches in several of the forums without any luck.

thanks again for locating the plans. now i know they exist. much appreciated.


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The Lo Rez pictures in that thread can just be click-and-dragged to your desktop. The author instructs interested parties to contact him directly for Higher Rez versions...
(Just click on his name for Contact Information, send him an inquiry and then he can email you directly)


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Missing frame stations and waterlines

Unless Chris has more then the one sheet this will not be of much help to a model maker, the frame stations (profiles) and waterlines are needed to make a truly representative hull shape.
Based strictly on that hull side profile and the one partial hull profile in the view of the standing rigging the model maker would have to take a great deal of liberty to produce a half hull from this data.

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A previous owner of our E33 got the complete set for this purpose and I have them now. I might be interested to hear of a price for 2 of these models from the maker you are speaking with. Let me know how you might like to get this info. Thanks.

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I would be interested in purchasing a half model of my E-33 from the model maker. Any idea of cost?

Mike Oxborrow
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