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The E36RH has five sets of sliding panel doors, also known as by-pass doors. Two sets in the head, one in the galley and one to access the space under each pilot berth. All of my door panels are 1/2 inch thick teak veneer plywood. The space under each pilot berth is the largest and easiest access storage area in the boat. Because of this, these doors get used a lot and my starboard side door plastic lower track was cracked and broken into pieces.

I believe the Knape and Vogt 1/2 inch wide track is an exact match to the size of my original track. It also comes in other widths for thinner or thicker panels. It's available in 48, 60 and 72 inch lengths and in white, tan and walnut. Walnut looks to be the original color for teak interiors. The 1/2 inch track only comes in color tan so I may spray paint my lower track brown to match my teak. The upper track is hidden from view behind trim.

I got mine from Woodworkers Express, cost $10 - 12 plus $12 shipping to get one of each length to replace all of my 37 year old track.



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Christian Williams

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Bingo! Thanks, Loren.

I believe this is like the track and parts I bought for one of our drawers when the original pieces broke.
"Delta Glide 100 Concealed Drawer Slide"
Available from Rockler Woodworking, and their price is listed as $8.99.​
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Thanks Tom!

The matching color is a big plus vs. the tan only KV track. I haven't checked how the KV tan color looks on the boat yet.
I see the price is now $1.30 per foot for both upper and lower track with a $25 minimum order yielding a minimum order of 20 feet.

Outdoor Plastics estimates $12 to ship so the cost will be less than the KV track, even before selling excess track. Getting the track cut down to a shorter length may save on shipping.

For the E36, the longest track needed is 45 inches long for the galley doors (shown in the picture) which look to be about the longest track on any model. The total track length needed for my 5 bypass panels (rounded up) is 15 feet. Without the 6 feet for my two pilot berth doors a typical Ericson (1 galley, 2 head doors) should need about 10 feet of track or less. Splitting the Outdoor Plastic track with one other owner would be the cheapest way to go.

FWIW, I'm OK with getting the both the upper track and lower from either vendor (although I've never heard of the upper track breaking) since 40 year old plastic must have a finite lifespan.

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Loren Beach

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Arriving on Track #2....

Of little use to you unless you forsake color matching, but our '88 boat has extruded aluminum door tracks for the sliding plexi doors. It was anodized and still looks great. I suspect that the more "industrial" style of the Olson lent itself to this sort of look. Perhaps.
Same idea tho. One of the tracks is deeper, so that the doors can be removed --- I forget which -- upper ones are deeper, IIRC.
To my eye, the dull look of anodized aluminum is not particularly noticeable against the varnished teak pieces, but then I rationalize everything about the boat anyway. :rolleyes:


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Track from Way Back

On my early 70’s boat, the track is simply routed into the wood frame of the galley cabinet. I speculate that they wouldn’t want to do it that way if the door panels are also wood - too much potential for binding, perhaps. (My door panels are some kind of translucent plastic - shower-door-like material.) But it does seem like the cheapest approach. But maybe there are other reasons to use pre-formed track?

I have been planning to add by-pass doors to the head and V-berth. Seems like the lightest and least-obtrusive way to add doors to those storage cubbies. And it would match the detail from the galley. But getting down to the specifics... if I just duplicated the track from the galley, it’s 1.25 inches wide. Kind of ungainly to integrate into a piece of face trim.

Some detail photos of other installations would be appreciated. (D’Oh! I’ll have to go back to the boat to snap one myself.)

Fred Nolte

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plastic cabinet track source

Hi All,

I just became the owner of an Ericson '85 32-3 #623 (Coconut). The boat is in good condition overall but I am doing some small projects to start with and will tackle bigger projects as time goes by. One of the first things on my list is to replace all the broken plastic cabinet dark brown track. I found a manufacturer (Epco) that makes a product that looks perfect but they don't sell to the retail customer. They told me to order through They list the product as a 6 foot strip CC03-212-BR-6 for $7.20 the only downside is the cheapest shipping is UPS Ground and it's $28.82 to So. Cal. So I'm not sure if somebody has a better option or if several guys would like to go in together to pick up a few pieces. I only need less than 4 feet if I remember correctly. Let me know if anyone in my area has any interest, or other areas if we can get cheaper shipping from me to you if that would help.


Tom Metzger

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Fred - Welcome to the Ericson world.

If you only need 4 feet I have some of the track I mentioned in post #6 of this thread that I will send you as a welcoming gift - you pay shipping. The down side is that it is the top track and you will have to cut it down to use it for the bottom track which is not hard to do. I can throw in some extra to practice on.

Fred Nolte

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Thanks for that generous offer so nice of you! I think if I tried to cut the track down it would end up a little wavy and probably kind of sharp edged. I would prefer to have the factory finished edge so I will probably bite the bullet and order some despite the ridiculous shipping price. Thanks again that was super cool! By the way I love this sailboat! Went sailing today and the wind hit 17 knots, quite a ride but so much fun. these boats are really well built, I'm so proud to have an Ericson. I spent 3 days on a 1996 336 Hunter last weekend and let me tell you, I'm really glad I own an Ericson!

The Rockler tracks I looked at were for 1/4" doors unless I missed the 1/2" tracks.

Thanks again,


Kevin A Wright

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Once upon a time this sort of track was sold at the local hardware or building products store. I don't know if the big box stores like Home Depot will carry it or not, but if you've got a local ACE hardware or similar in the neighborhood you might check it out. Since it seems the shipping costs from a lot of the on line suppliers is as much as the cost for the track. It's not boat hardware, it's regular house stuff used on a boat so no need to pay boat bucks for it.

Kevin Wright
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I am in SoCal Marina Del Rey and could use some track for my E-33.
Let me know if you get extra of the lower and I will try pick it up. Need to do just my settee cabinet lowers.

When I was racing a Mull 30 in Vallejo we had a saying: Friends don’t let friends sail Hunters.

Loren Beach

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Let me know if you get extra of the lower and I will try pick it up. Need to do just my settee cabinet lowers.
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