Solar Panels and Gear Giveaway, Los Angeles (posted Feb 24, 2020)

Christian Williams

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I keep my E29 on a mooring and really could use a solar charger to keep my batteries fresh.
If in good shape and you are willing, I'm happy to pay for postage to send them to the East Coast.


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I have tested the solar panels and they are working properly but the charge controller is as yet untested.. The panels are large and bulky so cross country shipping may exceed their value. As they were given to me for free I'll pass them along for free.

Weights and dimensions do not include packaging
3 - Siemens 55W rigid panels, 2" x 12" x 52", 15½ lbs. ea., 46½ lbs. total
1 - Arco 50W folding panel, 4" x 14" x 24", 16 lbs.

The charge controller is a Pro Star PS-15M single bank, PWM type
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