South San Diego bay


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Anyone explored this area much? If a channel in San Diego harbor is reported as being 7 feet deep in 2001, is it likely that it is a similar depth 20 years later?

Would like to poke around here in my little e25 sometime.


paul culver

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You have come up with an interesting challenge. I've sailed Coronado Cays channel and that is reliable. Too many wealthy yacht people live there to stint on dredging if needed. So you could approach that way or lay out an approach from the south end of the bay channel. You would be navigating by GPS alone. Unless -- you drive over to your destination on the Strand side with a compass and find two things on shore you can use as range markers to guide you down that channel. South bay is a great place to sharpen piloting skills. Of course now is not the best time tide-wise. Good luck, and tell us what you find down there.