Spent the night aboard working on the engine...discovered something new to me...


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It started raining like crazy...sitting next to the mast in the Solon resting,, I put my ear to the mast...interesting sounds from the howling wind and rain...like listening to a conch shell...Never thought the mast could talk from the inside!

Sean Engle

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Yeah, lots of openings - the reason why you get rain water down your mast and into your bilge. You should hear the rigging during a gale while on the hook - the halyards stop rapping because they're held in place by the wind, and all you get is a odd 'moaning' of wind over the spreaders.


Geoff W.

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I love the ghostly moan when the wind blows through. Falling asleep to that is one of my favorite parts of living aboard.

A couple years back a big blow of about 60kts blew through one evening, unusual for the area, and Elliot Bay Marina sounded like a chorus of banshees screaming. It was really something.


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Hah. Almost like living in The Gorge. One of my earliest memories is listening to the sound of the wind rushing past the sleeping-porch of my Great-Grandparent’s house.