Starter rebuild near Seattle?

Geoff W.

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Anyone know of any good engine / starter rebuild places in the Seattle area? I've got one more Goosebumps race this Sunday and then it's self-imposed no sailing time as I start pre-season maintenance.

I'd love to have the starter rebuilt as Christian Williams has described in other posts, for $25 at an auto shop, but I'm not finding them. One guy told me it might be easier to get an aftermarket part, and for $71, I might be inclined to agree:

Kenneth K

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Sound Starter and Alternator in Tacoma 253-759-8080, rebuilt both my starter and alternator two years ago. Not cheap but at least it's still the good old, original US parts. No problems since rebuild.


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"good old US parts" might be a stretch. The OEM starter motor was built by/for Kubota probably in Japan. The original 80's alternator was probably built by Prestolite which has factories all over including China, but the case was probably assembled in the US from parts sourced globally.

I replaced my OEM starter with an eBay replacement. $80 bucks with shipping, no round trip to a rebuilder, and much easier to get to the mounting bolts now if I have to do it again since it is shorter. Best of all, it turns the motor over a bunch faster than the OEM did which lets it start easier. (granted, the OEM might have been weak already when I bought the boat)

Rebuilders are slowly closing between labor costs and hazardous material disposal (cleaning fluids, etc.) where they can't compete with cheap Chinese imports for small starters and alternators.