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    Fund Raising Season 2020-2021 is Now Open!

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    Notice on 2020-2021 Fund Raising

***Sunday, Noon (12:00), December 6th, Lee side of Angel Island (near Pt. Blunt)***

G Kiba

Member III
12:eek:0 - 1:eek:0: Sail/motor to the meet up location. Once there, join us in making passes traveling North and South to hail greetings and introductions (name, model, and boat name) from your cockpit or deck with other Ericson yachts.

1:eek:0 – On: Finish the day with a “No Host” Group Sail – Direction, distance and destination based on wind. Sail at the pace you desire or hang back with the smaller boats for pictures and scenery. Or, do a combination of both! (Use your VHS CH68 to communicate).

Note: Give Pt. Blunt a wide berth. Don't sail between the point and the green marker.

G Kiba

Member III
I don't know why the colons were replaced by emojis for the meet times but 12 o'clock to 1 o'clock pm is what was suppose to be there. Please post here if you are planning on coming and if you are just out for the day, look for us.


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Hi Grant -

Sounds like fun. I have it penciled-in, though my pencil marks are sometime overruled by those higher up the chain of command.

Hope to see you out there,


Loren Beach

O34 - Portland, OR
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I envy you guys, so far South of me.
We are experiencing full-on "Oregon weather" today. Rain and wind and cold. Reasonably high "misery index" as we sometimes call it.

We would love to join a raft up in our boat's ancestral waters, even at 6 feet of distance....


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I am interested in going but I am reminded that it is weekend before finals week at SJSU where I teach, it's usually very crazy for me that weekend. We'll see.