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I am looking for a spot in or near San Diego Bay where I can drop an anchor without getting in anyone's way and let a couple of teenage boys from the Midwest go swimming. It will be worth big time bragging rights for them back in Missouri. Any suggestions?


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In the past the would let you anchor in the back of Mission Bay. (By Feista Island) I'm not sure if they still do or not.

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if you're wanting to stay up north bay area, i think you can anchor up north of america's cup without too much trouble. stay clear of north island though

if you're wanting to venture down past the bridge, as long as you're out of the channnel, you should be fine and the water is shallow enough

Lew Decker

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Go into Mission Bay and turn left at the first opportunity. There is a very nice anchorage just inside the point where you can swim, dive, flop around on the sand, whatever. I'm a 5-minute put-put from there and have spent a few nights on the hook. Spinnaker flying is good there in the afternoons. You can stay in the cove 72 hours, I think, without causing apoplexy in the harbor patrol ranks.:egrin:

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Mariner's Cove in Mission Bay is a great spot to drop the anchor, swim and whatever. Easy to dingy to shore and weather is mild. Spent a great night there in September, have fun.

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