Swing Keel Operation


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Hello. I was gifted an ericson 25, so pardon my ignorance! How does one raise and lower the swing keel. I believe it’s the winch next to the companion hatch but it seems to only go clockwise.

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Congratulations!! More details please?

The way the winch turns has nothing to do with that as you wrap the rope in the way of the turn of the winch I believe. Also I believe all winches turn the same way but don’t quote me on that one

there should be a rope coming from the centerboard pendant, attachex to a block inside the mast compression post/box then thru the mast base/step out to deck then to the winch via a rope organizer.

My ericson has rope clutches before the winch but they look like they were added on later.

If I have some time I wouldn’t mind sending you a picture of everything tomorrow. let me know
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I'll just add that you should need the winch to winch the centerboard up, and then you can cleat it. To lower the centerboard, once you uncleat the line, the centerboard should just fall down. If it doesn't, either the board may be swollen and/or there may be gunk in the trunk preventing it from falling.