The end of an era...

Tom Metzger

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After 43 years I am without a boat. Yesterday I said goodby to Xanthus, a bitter-sweet happening. Advanced youth has taken its toll on captain and crew. It's the first time I have been without a boat since 1977. Prior to that it was Lk Ontario and the Atlantic on OP boats. Fortunately my two sons are carrying on the tradition. One sent me pix today of him and his two young kids heading to Annapolis with good winds.

The good news is that after showing the boat to a Lk Champlain Ericson sailor (what were my chances? He already had an Ericson he liked, with a grill cover) I talked with a broker at my marina. Before I signed the papers she told me she had someone to look at the boat in an hour. The man made a good offer that afternoon. There was a good survey and sea trial (I didn't know there were any blind surveyors left) and it was a done deal.

I have certainly enjoyed and learned from the many years I have spent on this site and the years before on the Sailnet Ericson email group with many of you. You guys have surely made my life as an Ericson owner easier and more enjoyable . I especially have to thank Sean for keeping things going even after he sold O'Barquinho.

I told the new owner to get on where he can get much better advice than from me. Be kind to him.

I plan to hang around here for a while. When I look around my house I may find some cargo that needs to be shifted. No, no grill covers... I'm pretty sure.

Some of you still owe me martinis. You know who you are. Don't make me send Guido!


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Tom Metzger

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Thanx Al. I would have liked to keep it in the Ericson family, but it is going to stay on Lk Champlain down in Port Henry.

Geoff W.

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Congratulations, Tom. Glad to hear you'll still be lurking the forums here and there.

Sean Engle

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Congrats and Condolences Tom -- I found selling my boat both a happy and sad experience....
We're happy you'll be sticking around for awhile.... :egrin:



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Congratulations! Something happened today. I tried to do a single splice on an 8 mm line. I realize my hand does not have the strength to finish the splice in the proper way; I used to splice line, Dyneema, any single line you can imagine without even see it. Simply do it while I was at the helm.
I start to think maybe it's time to walk away sailboats. My son loves sailing and maybe I could keep the Ericson. But the fleet needs to be reduced. Maybe get a motorsailer, maybe a duck diesel... but my days of long navigation, after 75K miles are done.
I salute you, everybody is aging and young people are not attracted to sailing anymore.
Yes, it's the end of an era...
Please, the last of us, close the door and turn off the lights...
(sorry, I feel a little down today)

Christian Williams

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The end of endless maintenance nobody notices but you.

Dinghies are the most fun anyhow and you actually get wet.

However, my electrical panel has sent you a private email. It was shocked at the news.

Mark David

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I salute you, everybody is aging and young people are not attracted to sailing anymore.
Yes, it's the end of an era...

On top of everything else going on, it has been a difficult year because of winter storm damage to our club's docks and the break wall, so I have spent a fair bit of time on one of the J22's....

Great fun to be sure, but the highlight of the summer is first introducing and now sailing with my girlfriend's 14 and 11 year old! Only time will tell, but time on the water, hearing stories from the local grizzled sailors and an endless youtube supply of world wide sailing adventures seems to have planted a seed!

Also, one of the guys that races with me has managed to graduate from college and buy his first sailboat all in the last 12 months. By all accounts he has had a terrific quarantine on his 'new' old boat! I believe he is the boat's junior by ~20 years.

I am hoping that the lights will stay on for a long time to come.....